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We ship worldwide

We can ship worldwide, but the shipping cost to different countries or areas varies from $50 to $170, please email us for details. The delivery usually takes 3 to 7 working days according to different countries and areas.


Every item that leaves is professionally packed and fully insured for the purchase price.

Our guitars are usually packed the same business day that we receive payment. We take the utmost care when packing our guitars to assure that they arrive safely. We detune all guitars so that there is no the neck, then the guitar is packed inside the case so that it does not move during shipment.

After the guitar is safely packaged inside the case we wrap the case with several layers of half-inch tall custom-made double-walled cardboard boxes of the appropriate size. We then use packing peanuts or packing paper to fill any negative space and does not move around. This way, even if the guitar is mishandled during shipment, it will arrive safe and sound.

If you don't know how you want your instrument set up, then send us email and we'll be glad to give you our recommendations based on your playing style and desired tone. Otherwise, we will set up your new guitar to Standard Tuning with regular guitar strings.

Factory Setup:

- Truss rod adjustment to keep the neck straight and playing in tune
- Action adjustments at the nut and bridge for effortless fretting and chording, and better intonation
- Pickup height adjustments for optimal signal output
- Intonation adjustments to make the guitar play in tune all across the neck
- Frets are leveled and crowned (rounded) to eliminate any buzz or dead spots
- Frets are polished for smooth string bending
- Tremolo Systems are set to float in optimal position
- Fingerboards are oiled for protection and to bring out the rich, natural woodgrains