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Quite a lot of people was asking us if we can customize James Hatfield's guitars, especially this "Iron Cross guitar". As an independent guitar workshop, we say, yes! Nothing beat a failure, but a try! The customer is king and you are ours king. We bought professional drawings and meticulously studied these guitar, thus we can grasp every details of processing technique. After a series of break-in and skilled process, finally we built out most of his guitar models successfully. This year, we challenge this very special guitar of Hatfield’s and now we launch out our custom built version of the Metallica "Hatfield Iron Cross Guitar" for all fans of the legendary frontman James Hatfield.

The Original Black Iron Cross is a few years out of production now and typically fetches a price between 7-10K when and if you can even find one. Players, collectors and Metallica fans alike are scouring the earth to find one after they are gone. Many people looking for a easier and more affordable way - get a good replica guitar. But still lots of people want to buy one very badly but they haven't got a clue where can find. Now, you just get in, here is the right place. Yes, all these guitars we selling are replicas, but our version looks way better and more accurate. At here we customize guitars to the way you like it and put attention to details, so the result is extremely fine as you can see. So please do not waste your money and time, our replicas will be a good choice for you.

As you see, we are a guitar custom shop, we are able to take any kind of guitar customize orders! As long you have an idea, we will turn it into reality for you.

As we have been working on guitar manufacturing for many years, we have many advantages in processing skills, sourcing and storing woods, accessories and raw materials. So we can quote a lower price than other guitar shops. Although we do not have world famous guitar masters, we have a batch of conscientious luthiers who have been finely trained and whose products are accepted by global customers. Other side, we have very nice talented craftsmans on reprocessing field, they are absolute masters on guitar relic and guitar hand painting, so that we could step further to explore new models.

Follow me to see our guitar workshop
Here is our guitar art team workplace

If you looking for a great place to custom a guitar, here is your best chooise, we will do our best to provide the best service and satisfy your needs, which is the core of our service. Please contact us if you want to place order.