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Quite a lot of people was asking us if we can customize James Hatfield's guitars, especially this "Iron Cross guitar". As an independent guitar workshop, we say, yes! Nothing beat a failure, but a try! The customer is king and you are ours king. We bought...

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Metallica's James Hetfield and his guitars

When it comes to heavy metal band, we will think of Metallica. It was easily the best, most influential heavy metal band of the '80s. Responsible for bringing the genre back to Earth, the...READ MORE

Your satisfaction and repeat business is our number one priority. It’s just good business and a lot more fun to do it right the first time. So you will be completely satisfied or you don’t pay... READ MORE

Customer Feedbacks

I ordered this guitar in July and I was worried at first about ordering but I have them a chance. Communication was great they emailed me right after I ordered to see if I wanted to customize the logo which was great. They sent me photos of the guitar as it was being built like before the neck was attached and it was great. I waited about a month or so and when it arrived I was stoked the guitar looked amazing. But I should point out a couple of things the pickups that come with them stock are not good for anything heavy, but the clean was amazing which was pretty shocking. I also did not request the guitar to be routed for emgs and I bought some for the guitar and the holes in the guitar were already big enough for them. So I wanted to thank you guys for an awesome, amazing guitar.
---- Erik Wilson